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On Line Stores ??? There re many On Line Stores.
IT Dealers ??  Also, there re many IT Dealers in the Market here in Indonesia.
On Line Stores for IT Dealers?? Becoming On Line Stores for IT Dealers, that’s ADALU. We are the first here in Indonesia
Our Concept …. EASY; FAST and SECURED.
EASY … IT Dealers can make Order wherever and whenever they need.
FAST … IT Dealers can make Order and being Served through our mass Community which are wide spread throughout Indonesia.
SECURED … in ADALU, IT Dealers can make Order and being Served with our excellent Order and Delivery.
Fulfilling IT Dealers daily needs becomes easier and more affordable with Adalu’s Amazing Transaction Experience every day.
Adalu has selected only for Branded & Authentic IT Products.
Having problems peace of mind for IT Products? Don’t worry, we also being supported by official Warranty Service (Excluding Computer Peripheral such as Mousse/Keyboard etc).
So, get out and be part of our Community right away !!

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